“The number one reason for replacing a bathroom floor is that it is UGLY ….works for me”

— J. Bessey, D’Zyne Construction

Ceramic Tile floor in diagonal pattern

Ceramic tiles on the diagonal make a small room look BIG!

There are a hundred reasons to upgrade your bathroom flooring, and “ugly” is only one of them. One of the best reasons to replace your old bath floor is that you often walk on it barefoot. In addition, bathroom floors are far more likely to suffer hidden decay or harbor mold than any other floor in your home.

Perhaps your floor really is just retirement age, made of bullet-proof concrete and tiny tiles. See those ugly little tiles with shiny speckles in them? Retro ‘50’s. Straight out of “Leave it to Beaver”, and you studied them a lot during “Test Pattern.”

Maybe the trail in your worn vinyl tiles is so deep it doesn’t matter where it leads; the toilet stopped working last month anyway. The tiles are loose and curled up in spite of your best efforts to nail them down to that wet plywood with big galvanized roofing-nails. You use the bathroom to “collect stuff.”

Is the toilet leaning badly ? Steady as she goes, as you study the flooring underneath that old cast-iron lion-footed bathtub. Underneath it lies a no-man’s land of loose tile, cobwebs and strange stuff that moves around all by itself. It smells funny too.

The team at feels your pain. We want to help!

You can rejuvenate that flooring quickly and confidently–whether you are a single mom homeowner, a skilled tradesman, an experienced Do-it-Yourself guru with all the tools, or just a happily retired Green Bay Packers mascot. We have the ideas and advice you’ll need to do a top-notch job.

Start out with “How to Know when your Bathroom Floor needs Replacing” if you don’t have one of the really ugly floors. For those concrete jobs, just grab the sledgehammer and assorted tools and go for it —after reading Jim’s “How to Remove an old concrete/tile floor”. He knows how to do it in the easiest, most effective way–he’s done it dozens of times.

After consulting “Errors to Avoid in Bathroom Flooring Installations” get out the penknife and test the sub-floor. Then read Raymond’s “14 Tips for Successful Bathroom Floor Installations” so you’ll know how much of that old plywood flooring has to be torn out .

You’ll know how to get the bathroom ready for the big project after you’ve read “How to Prepare the Bathroom for Flooring Installations”.

You’ll even find out how to know if it’s necessary to reinforce or replace the flooring joists and renew everything necessary for a successful installation of that dreamy imported Italian bronzed ceramic tile.

“Nothing can stand in your way, not even the mess.”

You’ll find out how to lay out your new floor for the most beautiful appearance and will have heightened awareness of the major design gaffes that professional designers avoid –when you read “Design Basics” .

You will learn the correct way to mix and use thin set mortar to lay ceramic tiles, and how to install cement-based backers for a truly durable, solid job that can last 40 years. Nothing can stand in your way, not even the mess!

Want to check out the magnificence of natural cork instead? If you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing ceramic tiles or slate, investigate beautiful cork, the endless styles and colors of sheet flooring, or smile at the ease of installing self-adhesive vinyl, the ultimate easy bathroom floor. Choices, skills, knowledge–and helping you make decisions all the way are what we’re about.

Got a question you’ve been itching to ask but you’re worried it might be silly ? Don’t know how to cut a hole in ceramic tile?

Ask away, read our FAQ’s Series for quick answers to the most frequently asked bathroom flooring questions.

Enjoy reading our tips for your new project before you start; and if it seems like it might be too much, or it’s too stinky, there’s always “hire a contractor.”

No need to gasp in fear, if you have already read “Errors to Avoid “ and **(“How to Choose a Bathroom Flooring Contractor”). You will know how to find a qualified, competent contractor, so you’re already ahead of the game.

Breeze through Bathroom Flooring for tips on design, product choices, installation and trouble-shooting. We’re real people who’ve done the work, and we truly enjoy helping you get the very best results on your bathroom projects. If you’d like to get every new tip and trick, be sure to Subscribe for free updates.


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  • What do you think of the idea of including a Glossary of Terms (that we use here)? YES