Questions YOUR Bathroom Flooring Contractor SHOULD Answer

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Eliminating or disqualifying potential bathroom flooring contractor candidates can prove to be a difficult decision because personal recommendations, personalities, and even hurt feelings of friends or relatives can be involved. No matter. Realistically your final choice must ultimately be someone you can trust, someone you are comfortable dealing with, and most importantly, must be someone that justifies your confidence by completing a beautiful project you are delighted to pay for.


A Contractor that Specializes in Tile

You have created a shortlist of contractors by carefully exploring the market, advertising, and listening to friends, sales personnel and checking referrals. Maybe you wisely eliminated the moonlighters down at the coffee shop. Perhaps you have three or more contractors left. What now?

Choose the best three and set up an appointment to have them evaluate your specific job requirements in detail. If they hesitate or don’t show up when they say they will, call the next one on the list. Your time is valuable too.

When the contractor arrives to estimate your project, ensure that he inspects the floor thoroughly in your company, checks out the substrate, measures all dimensions, makes a rough sketch and creates a list of specific requirements to complete the job properly. Insist that inspection details be noted on the quotation, and ask the following questions:

1. Does the attending individual do the work himself, does he have employees, or does he hire sub-contractors to complete the work?

2. If he has employees or sub-contractors, will he inspect their work, sign-off their work as completed satisfactory, or have it corrected if unacceptable?

3. Does he carry suitable insurance for all workmen on the job? Is his firm bonded?

4. Do his employees have identification cards?

5. Do you need a permit for flooring renovation? Will he obtain the necessary permit, and include the fee on the price quote, or will you have to arrange for the permit?

6. Does he do all removal of fixtures and tear-down?

7. Does he dispose of all old flooring materials, trash, and conduct a clean up on completion of the job?

8. Are all materials included? Does he install the substrate, or do you have to?

9. Does he offer the exact ceramic tile or flooring brand you wish to install?

10. Will he reinstall all of the fixtures and hook them up?

11. Are there any miscellaneous materials or services you have to arrange and pay for?

12. Will he give you a firm dollar estimate at the time of inspection, or does he have to “confer with the boss” ?

13. What is the total price? Are discounts offered for cash? Is any financing offered?

14. Are all taxes included in the quotation and identified as such?

15. What is the period of warranty, and extended warranty, if any? What does it cover?

16. Will he supply proof of this warranty information in writing?

17. Is he able to offer you a start date and a completion date on the quotation?

18. Does he have design personnel that will review the quote and make recommendations for design changes that could be beneficial, including materials upgrades ?

19. Does he have a reciprocal contingency plan arrangement with a second contractor in case of unforeseen circumstance, such as an accident where he is unable to complete the job on time as agreed?

20. How long is the quotation valid for?

Comparing Quotations:

Even if your contractor answers all of the questions satisfactorily, it is a bad idea to sign on the first quotation you receive, as tempting as it may be to get the job started. Take the time to compare quotes without any sales pressure. When evaluating the quotations you do receive, ensure that you are comparing identical, or at least comparable material quality, supplies, and listing all necessary work that is to be completed.

It’s realistic to remember that quality does not always cost, it pays in the long run. The lowest price may not necessarily be the best deal unless all factors are equal, so the homeowner is encouraged to compare each item carefully –and above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Problem resolution: Ask and Clarify

If you discover discrepancies or problems with the quotations or terms involved, don’t be afraid to call, ask questions and clarify any problems. A satisfactory and suitable resolution of problems is one of the finest indicators of a competent, honest and well-intentioned contractor.

By asking these questions and considering the answers as additional guidelines, you can be sure you will end up with an excellent contractor to do that bathroom floor a lot faster –and with fewer worries in the process.