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by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   In the exciting world of home renovation, sparkling bathroom and kitchen renovations traditionally return the best bang for the homeowner buck. It is not, therefore, any surprise that premium value is attached to the renewal of flooring. Is it necessary to replace yours? Read our checklist to decide when your bathroom flooring should be replaced. When replacement of your bathroom floor is deemed essential, many problems can be avoided by considering these tips for successful […]

by Jim Bessey   If you’re ready to take the new bathroom floor installation plunge, chances are you’re considering using ceramic or porcelain tile. If you’re following current floor design trends, then you’re likely using one of the larger floor tile sizes. These big tiles are best installed using latex-modified thin set mortar, rather than a mastic-type adhesive. Why bother with all that mortar mixing and mess? It’s certainly easier to work with mastic. You just open the bucket and […]

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee Do you dream of spending more quality time in beautiful surroundings in your home ? Renovation projects including the replacement of bathroom floors offer that opportunity. Let’s face it, homes age, and ‘do-it-yourself’ or not, we all recognize that maintenance, renewal, and renovation are mandatory at some point to maintain that property appeal, function and value. In spite of our best intentions life happens; grunge and daily wear and tear appear seemingly without warning, scuffs on […]

Nobody actually looks forward to installing a new bathroom floor. It’s not easy, and it’s not fun. Even if you have two and a half baths, putting one of them out of commission disrupts your normal routine. However, when the job is done, you’ll be much happier with the first room you see in the morning and the last one you visit at night. How do you know when it’s time to replace your floor? Repairs and patches can only […]

April 23, 2011, Comments Off on Bamboo Flooring: A Surprising Floor For Everyday Living

Bamboo Flooring: A Surprising Floor For Everyday Living


by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   Although most people think the amazing material known as bamboo is wood, it is actually a species of grass. Bamboo is strong enough to make high-priced fishing rods and is used to build scaffolding on high-rise construction sites hundreds of feet into the air in Asia. Bamboo shoots are used as food, and bamboo is used to make “wool” that is amazingly soft, but it is also  harvested to fabricate hardwood flooring that is incredibly […]