Vinyl Tile Flooring: Self-stick Unique and Beautiful Tiles

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Selections of Vinyl

Imagine an endless selection of new colors, designs and textures, and you’ll soon have an idea how many new choices in vinyl floor tile are available for your exciting bathroom floor renewal project.

In the real world, a self-stick vinyl bathroom floor can be made ordinary. It can also be made beautiful, exotic, and a unique expression of you. As a do-it-yourself homeowner you’ve hit the jackpot because there are more choices than ever before, and vinyl tile has never been easier to use.

Contemporary high-quality imitations of wood, stone, floral designs and mosaics in modern vinyl are no longer the almost-tacky, drab product image vinyl tile once presented . The amazing potential now available refreshes the imagination and can appeal to every taste, so go down to your building center and take the time to explore color and designs that suit your dream and lifestyle best.

The generic term “vinyl” can be applied to many products that range from pure vinyl tiles to tough composite specials manufactured with backers. Tiles may consist of several layers designed for specific applications, and vinyl manufactured as CVT (composite vinyl tile) contains various fillers that provide ultra wear performance for high-traffic commercial areas.

The most common self-stick adhesive-backed tiles are great. You can apply them in the bathroom in less than an afternoon and have time left over for coffee. The modern trend to offering vinyl in “three-tile” strips makes installation even faster and easier for the do-it-yourself bathroom renovator.

“Installation of self-stick vinyl tile is a snap”

Vinyl tile is also economical, and depending upon quality, and can be less than half the price of ceramic tile. The lifetime cost of vinyl is low, as it is extremely durable. A properly-installed top-quality vinyl modern tile can last for 25 years or more, long after the homeowner may have grown tired of the design or color. Being waterproof is a good reason to choose vinyl products for your bathroom too.

Installation of self-stick vinyl tile is a snap. If underlayment plywood is decayed or bad, replace it, but in all cases, make sure the substrate is clean, even and dry. Use filler at any joints in the substrate that are rough or uneven and allow it to dry properly before you sand it smooth. Remove all dust from the substrate and lay out the tiles.(LINK HERE ‘how to lay out tiles) correctly before sticking any tile in place. When the layout is confirmed, remove the protective backing and install the tiles, starting at the center of the floor and working toward the walls .  It really is a snap.

Vinyl tile can be installed over hardwood, old ceramic tile, or older vinyl tile if the surface is smooth and even. It’s important to clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, wax and any broken bits, curled corners or loose pieces of tile. Why? Because lumps and bumps will show through on the finished surface. You’ll be glad you cleaned up, filled all holes and sanded the floor smooth before you put that new floor down. Besides, the self-stick will work better and stay put longer.

Some vinyl tiles offer ceramic-like surfaces and are grouted after installation. Tiles of this type are offered in a couple of versions, those with rounded edges, which require the use of spacers just as the installation of ceramic tile does. The recessed -edge type is installed tightly adjacent to the next tile, with the designer recessed joint subsequently filled with suitable grout after the tiles have been rolled down to ensure correct adhesion.

Installation of grouted vinyl tile requires a special acrylic grout that offers flexibility after hardening. Substantial patience and extra care is required in grouting vinyl tile, but the final look is worth the effort. The grout lines are very shallow and it is easy to dislodge the grout as you go. When properly and carefully done with a low-angle application and a careful cleanup to avoid grout haze, the finished visual is very similar to grouted ceramic tile. No hurry, acrylic grouts require 24 hrs to harden properly before use.

The warranties of vinyl tile vary substantially with the product chosen. Most vinyl tiles go with a typical 10-year limited warranty, but some companies do offer exceptional warranties; for example some Armstrong™ products are covered with 25-year and even limited lifetime warranties, an offering that will outlast today’s trendy styles.

With the new generation of vinyl tiles, multi-tile plank application methods and ever-increasing selection of design and colour, self-adhesive vinyl tiles are an excellent choice. With budget-conscious easy installation and increased durability it seems logical to choose vinyl. Coupled with long warranties and the potential of exciting visuals that appeal to the modern homeowner, vinyl may be just the right bathroom flooring option for your project.

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